Arbitration, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Barbara Weisman, Esq. is an experienced, trusted and respected ADR Practitioner.

How does anyone know who the right doctor or lawyer, therapist or plumber is? Recommendations help, of course. A review of the professional's credentials is essential. Experience, training, education are all important. However, ethics, honesty, personality, skill and commitment to ADR are the intangibles which make a particular ADR practitioner the right one for you.

There is a special manner in which true, neutral professionals conduct the ADR processes. After due investigation and contact, you can sense this necessary and unique type of arbitrator and mediator. You are invited to read through this website and conclude that Barbara Weisman is that ADR practitioner.

What is ADR?
Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, refers to processes for the resolution of disputes. Each ADR process is an alternative or an adjunct to court adjudication. While ADR is most useful before a lawsuit is filed, you can still utilize an ADR practitioner even if there is a suit in progress.
The important fact is that ADR can save valuable time and money. It also enables you to be in more control of your conflict and allows you to use self-determination to do so.

The key ADR processes are arbitration and mediation.

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